If you are looking to give your outdoor surfaces a thorough cleaning, a Husqvarna pressure washer can be a great tool to have. Whether you need to clean your driveway, patio, or car, a pressure washer can make the job quick and efficient. However, if you’re new to using a pressure washer, you might be wondering how to turn it on and get started.

Before you begin, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different parts of your Husqvarna pressure washer. The main components include the engine, pump, and spray gun. The engine is responsible for powering the pump, which in turn creates the water pressure. The spray gun is where the water comes out, and it’s connected to the pump by a high-pressure hose.

To turn on your Husqvarna pressure washer, start by ensuring that you have water connected to the machine. This can be done by attaching a garden hose to the water inlet on the pressure washer. Make sure the water supply is turned on and fully pressurized. You should also check that the high-pressure hose is securely connected to both the pump and the spray gun.

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to start the engine. Most Husqvarna pressure washers are equipped with a recoil starter, which means you’ll need to pull a cord to start the engine. Firmly grasp the starter cord and give it a quick, strong pull. This should start the engine, and you’ll hear it running once it’s started.

With the engine running, you can now turn on the pressure washer by pressing the on/off switch or pulling the trigger on the spray gun. This will allow water to flow through the pump and out of the spray gun. You can control the intensity of the water pressure by adjusting the nozzle on the spray gun. Choose a narrower spray pattern for stubborn dirt and a wider pattern for larger areas.

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Remember, safety is key when using a pressure washer. Always wear protective eyewear and clothing to shield yourself from debris, and be cautious of the powerful water spray. Take breaks as needed, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and care of your Husqvarna pressure washer. Now that you know how to turn on your pressure washer, you’re ready to tackle any outdoor cleaning project!

Basic Safety Precautions

Before turning on your Husqvarna pressure washer, it is important to take some basic safety precautions. Following these guidelines will help ensure your safety and the proper functioning of the machine:

  • Wear protective gear, including safety goggles, gloves, and closed-toe shoes, to protect yourself from any potential hazards.
  • Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area when using the pressure washer to avoid inhaling any fumes.
  • Inspect the pressure washer for any damage or leaks before turning it on. If you notice any issues, do not use the machine and contact a professional for repairs.
  • Ensure that the water supply hose is securely connected to the pressure washer and that there are no kinks or obstructions in the hose.
  • Check the oil level in the engine and make sure it is at the appropriate level before starting the machine.
  • Always operate the pressure washer on a stable and level surface to prevent tipping or accidents.
  • Keep a safe distance from the pressure washer and do not point the spray gun at yourself or others. The high-pressure water can cause serious injuries.
  • Never leave the pressure washer unattended while it is running.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for operating the pressure washer.
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By following these basic safety precautions, you can ensure a safe and effective operation of your Husqvarna pressure washer. Always prioritize safety to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Preparing the Pressure Washer

Before turning on your Husqvarna pressure washer, it is important to properly prepare it to ensure safe and effective operation. Follow these steps to get your pressure washer ready:

1. Check the Fuel Level:

Make sure your pressure washer has enough fuel to operate. Check the fuel tank and fill it with the appropriate type of fuel if needed.

2. Check the Oil Level:

Check the oil level of the pressure washer engine and make sure it is at the recommended level. If the oil level is low, add the appropriate oil type until it reaches the required level.

3. Connect the Water Supply:

Connect a garden hose to the water inlet valve of the pressure washer. Make sure the water supply is turned on and the hose is not kinked or tangled. This will provide a constant flow of water to the pressure washer.

4. Attach a Nozzle:

Select the appropriate nozzle for the cleaning task you will be performing. Screw the nozzle onto the spray wand of the pressure washer. Different nozzles provide different spray patterns and pressures, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Prime the Pump:

If your Husqvarna pressure washer has a built-in pump, it may require priming before use. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to prime the pump properly. This will ensure that water flows smoothly through the system.

Tip: Before starting the pressure washer, it is essential to read the user manual provided by Husqvarna. This will give you a detailed understanding of the specific operations and precautions necessary for your model.

Once you have completed these steps, your Husqvarna pressure washer should be properly prepared and ready for use. Now you can move on to the next steps of starting and operating the pressure washer.

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Filling the Fuel Tank

Before you can turn on your Husqvarna pressure washer, you need to fill the fuel tank with gasoline. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the Fuel Tank

Locate the fuel tank on your Husqvarna pressure washer. The fuel tank is usually located at the back of the machine.

Step 2: Remove the Fuel Cap

Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank. You may need to use a screwdriver or your fingers to unscrew it.

Step 3: Fill the Tank with Gasoline

Pour gasoline into the fuel tank until it reaches the recommended level. Be careful not to overfill the tank.

Step 4: Replace the Fuel Cap

Replace the fuel cap on the fuel tank and make sure it is securely tightened.

Step 5: Check for Leaks

Before turning on your pressure washer, check for any fuel leaks around the fuel tank. If you notice any leaks, tighten the fuel cap or fix any damaged parts before operating the machine.

Following these steps will ensure that your Husqvarna pressure washer is ready to use and that the fuel tank is filled properly. Now you can proceed with starting and operating your pressure washer.

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Starting the Engine

To start the engine of your Husqvarna pressure washer, follow these steps:

1. Check the Fuel:

Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank. If the fuel level is low, refill it with fresh gasoline.

2. Turn On the Ignition:

Locate the ignition switch on the control panel. Turn it on by turning the key or pressing the button, depending on the model.

3. Set the Choke:

If the engine is cold, set the choke to the “Start” position. This will help with starting the engine.

4. Set the Throttle:

Set the throttle control to the desired position. The higher the throttle, the more power the pressure washer will generate.

5. Pull the Starter Rope:

Hold the starter rope firmly and pull it with a quick, smooth motion. This will engage the engine and start it. Repeat this step if necessary.

6. Warm Up the Engine:

Allow the engine to run for a few moments to warm up. This will ensure smooth operation.

7. Release the Choke:

Once the engine is warmed up, gradually move the choke lever to the “Run” position. This will allow the engine to run without the choke.

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on the model of your Husqvarna pressure washer. Refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Using the Pressure Washer

1. Prepare the area: Before turning on your Husqvarna pressure washer, you should prepare the area where you will be using it. Remove any obstacles or debris from the area and ensure it is clear of any potential hazards.

2. Connect the water source: Attach the garden hose to the water inlet on the pressure washer. Make sure the connection is secure to avoid any leaks.

3. Turn on the water supply: Open the water supply valve fully to allow water to flow into the pressure washer.

4. Connect the spray gun: Attach the spray gun to the pressure washer wand by aligning the notches and twisting it into place. Ensure that it is securely attached.

5. Prime the pump: Squeeze the trigger on the spray gun to thoroughly flush out any air from the system and prime the pump. This will ensure the pressure washer operates at its full potential.

6. Choose the desired spray pattern: Most Husqvarna pressure washers have adjustable nozzles or spray tips that allow you to select the desired spray pattern. Use the appropriate spray pattern for the task at hand, whether it’s a narrow jet for stubborn stains or a wider fan spray for general cleaning.

7. Start the engine: If your Husqvarna pressure washer is equipped with an engine, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to start it. This may involve pulling a starter cord or pressing a button.

8. Begin cleaning: Once the pressure washer is running, point the spray gun at the surface you want to clean and squeeze the trigger. Move the spray gun in a consistent, sweeping motion to evenly clean the area.

9. Monitor water and fuel levels: Keep an eye on the water supply and fuel levels if your pressure washer is fueled by gasoline. Refill as needed to ensure uninterrupted operation.

10. Shut down the pressure washer: When you’re finished using the pressure washer, release the trigger on the spray gun and turn off the engine or motor. Disconnect the spray gun and hose, and drain any remaining water from the system to prevent freezing or damage.

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Important Safety Precautions:

Always wear protective gear, such as safety goggles and sturdy shoes, when operating a pressure washer. Ensure you are using the correct pressure and spray pattern for the task at hand to avoid damage to surfaces or injury. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for safe and proper use of the pressure washer.


If you encounter any issues with your Husqvarna pressure washer, refer to the user manual or contact customer support for assistance. Common problems include low pressure, leakage, or difficulty starting the engine.

By following these steps and safety precautions, you can effectively use your Husqvarna pressure washer to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks with ease.

Questions and answers

How do I turn on a Husqvarna pressure washer?

To turn on a Husqvarna pressure washer, you should follow these steps: 1. Make sure the fuel tank is filled with gasoline or the oil reservoir is filled with oil, depending on the model. 2. Connect the garden hose to the pressure washer. 3. Turn on the water supply. 4. Attach the spray gun and lance to the pressure washer. 5. Turn on the engine switch. 6. Pull the starter cord to start the engine. Once the engine is running, you can start using the pressure washer.

What kind of fuel does a Husqvarna pressure washer use?

A Husqvarna pressure washer typically uses gasoline as fuel. However, it is important to check the specific model’s manual to ensure that only gasoline is used and not other types of fuel. It is also crucial to use clean and fresh gasoline to prevent engine damage and ensure optimal performance.

Can I use a Husqvarna pressure washer without connecting it to a water supply?

No, it is not recommended to use a Husqvarna pressure washer without connecting it to a water supply. The water supply is necessary for the pressure washer to function properly and provide the required pressure for cleaning. Without water, the pump could be damaged, and the pressure washer may not work at all. Always connect the pressure washer to a water supply before using it.

Is it safe to use a Husqvarna pressure washer indoors?

No, it is not safe to use a Husqvarna pressure washer indoors. Pressure washers produce powerful streams of water at high pressure, which can cause significant damage to indoor surfaces and objects. Additionally, the exhaust fumes from the pressure washer’s engine can be harmful if not properly ventilated. Always use a pressure washer outdoors or in a well-ventilated area to ensure safety.

How do I maintain a Husqvarna pressure washer?

To maintain a Husqvarna pressure washer, you should follow these maintenance steps: 1. Regularly check and replace the engine oil if necessary. 2. Clean or replace the air filter regularly to ensure optimal engine performance. 3. Inspect and clean the spray gun, lance, and nozzles to remove any debris or clogs. 4. Check and tighten all connections, such as hoses and fittings. 5. Store the pressure washer in a clean and dry area, away from extreme temperatures. By following these maintenance practices, you can extend the lifespan of your Husqvarna pressure washer and ensure its efficient performance.